Gluten Free Cacio e Pepe

Gluten Free Cacio e Pepe


1 box Cassava Kitchen Shell Pasta
Fresh black peppercorns
Kosher Salt
¼ cup fresh grated parmesan or grana padano cheese
¼ cup fresh grated pecorino cheese
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp olive oil

  1. Fill a large pot with well salted water + bring to a boil.
  2. In a saucepan over medium heat, toast approx. 40 cracks of black pepper (less if you don’t like a little heat) and a generous pinch of sea salt.
  3. Add pasta to water + cook until just past al dente 
  4. Add 1 ladle full of pasta water to the toasted pepper along with 1 tbsp of butter and a drizzle of olive oil.
  5. Turn off heat and add parmesan and pecorino cheese to the saucepan 1/4 cup at a time.
  6. Rather than draining the pasta, add it to the sauce using a slotted spoon to reserve pasta water. This helps create more of a sauce and prohibits parmesan from clumping together.
  7. Garnish with more parmesan and serve immediately.

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