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Cooking with Cassava Kitchen

“LOVED your fusilli pasta!! Made for such a delicious pesto veggie dish, thanks for introducing us to the health benefits of cassava”

Carolyn P.

“We liked the pasta a lot. Tastes a lot better than wheat pasta and a lighter pasta too. Not so starchy as traditional pasta. I don’t know if that is due to it being gluten-free or not. I am not a good resource on gluten-free because I don’t try to avoid gluten very much. Your fusilli also had a bit of a “chewy” texture which we liked too.”

Jeff S.

“For a delicious, high in fiber, gluten-free alternative pasta check out the fusilli pasta from @cassavakitchen”

Michael K.

“The BEST gluten-free pasta option I’ve tried! The texture and consistency is just like regular pasta, and bonus, it tastes delicious!!!’

Dillon M.


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