Fusilli with Cauliflower, Pancetta, & Pecorino

Fusilli with Cauliflower, Pancetta, & Pecorino

1 box of fusilli pasta (Cassava Kitchen)

1.5 pounds of cauliflower, broken into small sizes

1 cup breadcrumbs (we used brioche bread)

1/2 cup pepitas 

3 thick slices of pancetta, small dice 

2 garlic cloves, chopped

1 lemon wedge (or however many depending on how lemon juice you want)

1/2 cup grated pecorino cheese

1/2 cup of parsley 


1. In a skillet, toast your breadcrumbs until golden & then the pepitas until they start to pop

2. Meanwhile, boil water into a large pot to blanch the cauliflower for 3-4 mins -- set to the side once finished

3. Cook your pasta 6-8 mins and save a 1/4 cup of pasta water

4. In a wok or large pan, cook your diced pancetta until crispy. Then add your garlic cloves and cauliflower. Cook for 2-3 mins.

5. Then add your pasta, parsley, lemon juice and breadcrumbs. Mix then add some grated pecorino cheese. Add salt and pepper for preference. 

6. Garnish with more parsley or pecorino upon preference! 

This recipe was adapted by Food52. To see their recipe click here

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