Fusilli with Buttery Corn, Scallions, & Goat Cheese

Fusilli with Buttery Corn, Scallions, & Goat Cheese

1 pound fusilli pasta
2 or 3 ears of cornĀ 
1 bunch of chopped green onionsĀ 
4 tablespoons of unsalted butter
Chopped parsleyĀ 
4 oz. of goat cheeseĀ Ā 
Kosher salt and black pepperĀ 
Optional: Click here for the vegan recipe for goat cheeseĀ 


1. Cook your corn by boiling it for 5 mins, add saltĀ 

2. Once cooked, shave your corn and on a skillet add 2 tbsp of your butter and cook your corn and white ends of the scallions. Add pepper + other seasonings (if you want. we added a little paprika). Cook till tender

3. Meanwhile, cook your pasta to al dente or preferred texture. Reserve 1 cup of pasta water

4. In your pasta pot, add the rest of the butter and corn and mix. Add a little pasta water if needed.Ā Ā 

5. Serve with cut parsley, additional green onions, and dollops of goat cheese!

This recipe was adapted from Delish. To view the version clickĀ here

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